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Australian Opals direct from our family mines.

Welcome to the world famous Lightning Ridge, located in New South Wales, Australia, and home to the largest production of Natural Solid Black Opal.


We are proud to be able to offer you our range of 100% Natural Solid Australian Opals for sale from our trusted online store Opals To You. When you purchase our opals from Lightning Ridge in NSW, Australia you can experience the individual beauty and exceptionalism of each stone as each opal has its very own story to tell.

These radiant gemstones are sought after worldwide for their unique visual appeal. Consisting of bright eye-catching colours and patterns created by our very own Mother Earth over the course of millions of years, they are an ideal choice when creating a truly bespoke jewellery design or gift.

Knowing your gemstone has come directly from the miner and been finished and polished by our extraordinary team of professionals will give you peace of mind allowing the exhilarating planning of your new treasures journey to begin.


With their natural beauty shining through, you can get some of the most vibrant natural colours in the world displaying in your one-of-a-kind opal. With their brilliant array of colours and patterns you can have something truly unique and special to give or wear proudly.

Our range of beautiful gemstones provide a stunning showcase suited to a selection of metals and jewellery settings. These awe-inspiring Opals will bring their vibrant alluring beauty to your ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings or pendant.

Be sure to check out our signature range of fashion hats featuring our custom-made sterling silver and Opal hat pins allowing you to stand out in the crowd as your opals shines in all its glory


Our professional team can help you find the Opal gemstone of your dreams and suggest the best fit for your requirements.

With new gemstones becoming available frequently throughout the peak of our mining season, if we don’t have a gemstone that suites you listed on the website, please be sure to make contact with us as we certainly may have something of interest becoming available soon.

We look forward to providing you direct access to high-quality gemstones straight from our family mines to you.  Contact us today to find out more



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