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Welcome to the world famous Lightning Ridge, located in New South Wales, Australia, and home to the largest production of Natural Solid Black Opal.  It has a very special place in our hearts, as this opal mining region has been home to our family mining operation for the last two generations. With over 35 years of opal mining experience we continue to deliver one of the rarest gemstones in the world.

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Our family mines are located in the Grawin Opal Fields, approximately 70 kms south-west of Lightning Ridge. Mining in Grawin stems back to 1905 and the region is made up of many small opal fields including Sheepyard, Mulga Rush and Glengarry. 

What started as hobby mining, swiftly transformed into the passion now ingrained in us. As our story continues to evolve, we have now grown to include an online shopping experience, which allows us to share our passion and the treasures we have found, far and wide.


Our opal is mined directly from our family mines and offered to you to enjoy your very own spectacular one-of-a-kind gem. After taking millions of years to form uniquely and individually in the Earth, our opal is mined ethically, and we work hard to ensure that environmental sustainability underpins all aspects of our opal mining business.

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We believe our success is built from our reputation and trust, and that’s why we offer a full refund policy, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our opals.

We are dedicated in providing our customers with world class gemstones. Each opal gemstone undergoes a rigorous cutting and polishing process, with a highly specialized and experienced professional opal cutter, allowing every detail to shine before being delivered to you, with a certificate of authenticity. Authenticity certificates however, cannot be relied on as an independant valuation, but rather, provide you with the specific details of your precious gemstone, which may then be used for insurance and valuation purposes.


Being 100% natural, your opal may or may not present with some of the gemstones natural inclusions, and we will do our best to disclose any of the opals natural inclusions with the images we supply at the time of your purchase.

We guarantee our gemstones are only of the highest quality, and to ensure and maintain our own stringent standards of quality, we hand pick and sell only the highest grade of solid Opals. We understand that budget is an important factor so we offer a range of options to suit every customer and we are certain to have a precious gemstone in our range to suit you.

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Our love for these unique Australian gemstones drives our passion in providing a bespoke opal buying experience and delivering Opals To You.

Thank you for supporting our local Australian, multi-generational family owned business.

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